5 Good Reasons to Use a Dental Broker When Selling Your Practice

Dental Practice Sales & Transitions

We all need help from time to time. Too often, dentists who want to sell their practices do so without the assistance of dental practice brokers or consultants. Not understanding the sale process and paperwork could end up costing the seller more than they are asking for.

Here are five good reasons why you should work with a dental practice broker if you plan to sell your dental practice.

1. Your dental practice needs to be sold quickly.

When a primary dental practitioner becomes ill or dies, a family may need to sell a general dental practice. It is also common for dental practitioners or their families to need to sell quickly due to legal or financial problems. In such situations, selling quickly is crucial.

It is best to hire a local dental practice broker in these situations. Their knowledge and understanding of local laws and cultures gives them an advantage. Additionally, they may be able to introduce you to potential buyers who are looking to buy a dental practice quickly.

2. The dental transition plans you have are complicated.

The sale of a dental practice with complex partnership arrangements requires the finesse of a dental practice broker. Partnerships are like marriages. Partnerships in business can be complex, just like marriages. It can be extremely valuable to work with a good marriage counselor or a good dental practice broker since they will ensure that the seller and the buyer are compatible.

3. Your dental practice is difficult to sell.

Your dental practice may be difficult to sell for a number of reasons. It is possible that your practice is not profitable or does not have a high value. If a practice has a low value or low profitability, it may be due to its location or niche. A broker will be able to assist you in getting your practice in order and making it more profitable, as well as help you move your practice as quickly as possible.

4. Until the sale is complete, you would rather focus on operating your dental practice.

Managing a dental practice is already a lot of work. The stress of running a practice, maintaining its profitability, and ensuring patient care doesn’t fall through can be overwhelming. Dentists may choose not to deal with the dental practice sale process.

By hiring a dental broker, the seller can focus on ensuring the practice runs smoothly while the broker handles all the details of finding a buyer.

5. It is a large practice with many employees.

A broker will be your best bet if you have a large practice. Larger practices have a smaller pool of buyers. Brokers can help you navigate the small pool of potential buyers and sophisticated processes to sell your practice.

The main goal of working with our Towson dental practice broker is to sell your practice quickly. Quickly doesn’t mean overnight, of course. Finding a buyer that is compatible with your practice takes time. The transition to your new dental practice will likely be more seamless if you work with a professional dental broker. We are here for you. Contact our dental brokerage office in Towson, MD today.

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