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Whether you’re hiring a new dentist or retiring, having a smooth dental practice transition is critical for everyone involved. It can be difficult to navigate the move in a way that safeguards the current practice, even with meticulous planning. When evaluating purchasers and hiring experts, it is important to protect yourself. One of the biggest challenges is finding the best way to inform your existing patients.

Our Towson dental broker agrees that transitioning patients to a new dentist is the most important aspect of practice transitions. Although consultants can assist with reviewing practice listings and identifying practice opportunities, it is the responsibility of the buyers and sellers to work together to ensure a smooth transition for the practice’s patients.

It is likely that you will need to implement more than one method of patient notification in order to get your new career off to a smooth start.

Providing notifications in-person

The first option is to inform patients in person about the upcoming changes. When it comes to notifying patients in person, timing can be a crucial factor. Patients who come into your office between 4-6 weeks before the sale is completed should be informed personally.

In addition, you may want to make arrangements for long-term patients or patients who have anxiety about dental care to be seen in person.

Sending email notifications

Patients who are used to receiving regular email updates should be notified about six weeks before the transition if the practice has an active email list. The email should inform them of the transition date and who will be taking over the practice. In addition, you may wish to provide some details regarding what the buyer will be doing. Another great strategy to consider is sending postcards to every patient in your database with the same information.

Organize an event

Although you could certainly stop with the methods we have already discussed, we recommend going the extra mile. There is no way for dentists to survive without patients, and the existing patients will want to meet the dentists who will be caring for their teeth in the future.

A casual hello/goodbye event can give patients a chance to adjust to the upcoming changes. They can visit your practice, say goodbye to the dentist who is leaving, and meet the dentist who will replace him. In particular, an event like this is beneficial to patients who have anxiety about dentists or who have been patients for a long period of time.

A dental practice transition can be complex, especially for your patients, but by following these steps, you will ensure a smooth transition and set yourself up for success. 

Our dental brokerage office is here to help you ensure a smooth and successful transition. Contact our Towson, MD dental brokerage office today to schedule a consultation.

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