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Congratulations…you’ve made it through at least four years of late nights and long, stressful days. You have passed some of the most important exams you will take and you have earned your title as dentist. The next step is finding a dental practice where you can settle in and enjoy coming to work each day. Where do you begin to even look for a high-quality dental job? The days of a simple Craigslist search have passed. The following tips from our dental CPA in Towson will help you begin your journey toward finding your dream dental job.

Where Do You Want to Be?

Determining the location that you want to be in will help you narrow down your search immensely. Are you open to working in a different state? How far are you willing to commute to work each day? There are generally some great opportunities for work in rural areas, which may even entitle you to loan repayment. Large cities are often more competitive. Evaluate the market that you want to be in. If you want to have a large patient base of young professionals, you may not want to work in an office next to a retirement community.

Private or Corporate?

There are benefits and drawbacks to working in any type of practice. Determining the type of practice that you want to work for will help you begin your job search. Corporate dental offices are always growing, and it may be easier to find a job as a new graduate in a corporate office. A corporate office will often have the ability to offer benefits including health insurance and paid continuing education. If your long-term goal is to own a private practice, it may be good to begin your search there. It can help to establish relationships and rapport in a private practice while learning the business side of things. It is always a good idea to explore all options.

Where Do I Begin to Look?

There are  many job search sites out there, and unfortunately, some may not be legitimate or may set you up to receive a lot of e-mail ads and scam calls. Personal connections in the dental world are important. If you know anyone in dentistry, reach out to them and make them aware that you are beginning your search. There are often job listings on dental supply company websites and professional association websites, such as the American Dental Association website.

The prospect of beginning your career and your job search can be overwhelming. It helps to narrow down your search by determining where you want to be and what type of practice you want to be in. Contact our dental brokerage office in Towson for a list of job opportunities in the area– we can help connect you with your dream job.

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