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Dental Practice Sales & Transitions

Buying a dental practice is a major decision and financial investment. Schiff Dental Brokerage has represented both buyers and sellers of practices, and we can help you. 

Essential Financial Information

One of the things our dental brokers will evaluate is the financial state of the practice being sold. We conduct a full evaluation of all aspects of a practice’s income, overhead, and more. The following are some of the things we evaluate when it comes to practice sales: 

  • Several years of tax returns to measure historical performance, allowing for analysis of trends over time
  • The practice’s cash flow model
  • Rate of growth, operating expenses, and debts
  • Lease agreement
  • Production and collection reports

Information About The Facility

It is important for practice buyers to know the key facts about the facility. Schiff Dental Brokerage conducts a thorough examination of the practice in order to create a complete profile of the business being sold. We will consider:

  • Everything in the dental practice, including all technologies in the operatories and their condition
  • A floor plan of the practice
  • Demographics & Community Information
  • An assessment of the expected ability to expand the business in the years after the purchase

Assistance Through the Buying Process

Our team is experienced in negotiations to help any buyer achieve the best deal. Our team has the resources to give you the best representation possible. In representing you as a buyer, we will provide all of the information discussed above along with much more. 

Buying a dental practice is a major transaction. We’ll assist you every step of the way, allowing you to feel confident with your decision. Contact Schiff Dental Brokerage today for a consultation or to learn more about our current listings.

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